Oursun is of high quality and high performance battery company to build the brand, products with the "two-year warranty, international technology, silver alloy technology" three advantages, at the same time with the cold starting performance, high temperature resistance and strong performance, won a good reputation in terms of car, favored by the vast number of consumers.

The energy rises, oursun!

Oursun perennial debut at the Canton Fair, auto show and other international large-scale exhibition products, by the majority of customers at home and abroad have been received.


WHLI is the company's best-selling independent brand, the product has a super start, super endurance life, providing a strong driving force for each car.

Car Wanli, preferred WHLI!

WHLI brands have participated in large-scale exhibition at home and abroad, the products are exported to Africa, the Middle East and other regions, by domestic and foreign customers praise.


Companies based on customer demand, agent processing, production of various brands of batteries, for each customer to provide satisfactory quality service.

According to your request, private custom

The company's production capacity in the forefront of the battery industry to meet the needs of customers in the global battery market.